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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Coffee Cup Cozy

Some sugary creamy coffee in my cup :)
Since I am highly dependent on caffeine and love my coffee I decided to make the popular cup cozy that you can find pictures of all over the internet.

It's a very easy and instant gratification projects. It doesn't use much yarn so you can use extra yarn you have laying around or pick up some to match your home decor (I lucked out and had some Sugar n Cream brand lime green yarn on hand - which matches my living room) I am a huge fan of bright big buttons so this project just screamed my name.

 You can look it this and pretty much figure out out it's done just by looking. I used the tuturial that I posted below but since each cup if different in size there isn't any set pattern. I will tell you the steps of what I did....

*Start by making a chain, you want your chain to be a little bigger than the cup. Wrap your chain around the cup to check the size, you want about and inch extra.
*Pick your stitch, I used Single Crochet, but you could use SC, HDC or DC. It all depends on what you like best. (for these instructions I'm going to use SC)
*SC in each stitch, ch 1 and turn, repeat until it becomes the height that is appropriate for the cup you want to use it with
*Now you want to SC down the "short" side (not the side you have been working on)
*Chain 3 and slip stitch to connect the two sides
*SC up the other "short" side so that now you are back at the "top"
*Attach the button to the opposite side
*You will now want to put the cozy onto the cup
*Chain enough so you can wrap it around the button and slip stitch it back into the sitch where you started the chain
*Fasten off and weave in the ends

I used this tutorial for my cozy: Cozy Pattern
 Tip: When it comes to making the chain to go around the button I suggest switching to a smaller hook size. I used an H (5mm) hook for the cozy and a G (4.25mm) hook for the button chain.

On mine I didn't do standard Single Crochet stitch, I did in the back loops then once turned I did in just the front loops, then the back and so on. I noticed when you do the in the "back loops stitch" you end up with a stripe type of line on the reverse side and I don't really like that so I found if you go from back to front then all the stripe lines are on one side. I made the side with the stripes the inner side, I really liked how it came out.
Coffee Cozy

Now go brew up some coffee and kick up your feet with your adorable cup cozy!


  1. I love all your patterns. Thanks so much for sharing. You have a lime green living room? It must be great!

    1. Thank you! :) Lots of lime green accents...I love those bright colors! It was the only color my boyfriend and I could agree on.. haha!