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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat with Matching Scarf

I saw a picture online of this beautiful beanie/beret that used a few rows of puff stitch and it looked amazing so I knew I wanted to try it. I went to the website and tried to find the pattern and failed, the link was "broken" UGH! I saw comments from many people asking where could they find it or one similar to it. After searching and searching for the pattern I managed to find 2 websites that listed the pattern, it was identical. Now I have no clue which was the original poster/designer of the pattern so I thought I would post both links. I also found a site of this girl who loves the pattern and made the hats in many different colors and cool color mixes. she inspired me to make it more than just 1 color.

Inspiration links: 
Color inspriration
Ravelry page

Pattern links:
Link #1
Link #2

For mine I used a multi colored yarn for the puff stitch rows and a single color for the rest. I used Caron Simply Soft brand for both colors of yarn.

Puff Stitch on Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat
I REALLY liked how it came out so I tried to find a scarf pattern that would match and I couldnt find one so I just created my own. I thought it looked nice with 1 row of puff stitch going down the scarf, I tried to make the stitching on the scarf match the "headband" part of the hat

Here's the Ravelry page for this scarf - Add it to your library!


Make a chain the desired length you would like for your scarf
Row 1:   SC down the entire chain, Ch. 1, turn.
Row 2:   SC across, Ch 3, turn (If you are using 2 different colors like I did you want to switch your color before you Ch. 3)
Row 3:   Puff stitch in first stitch, ch. 1, skip next stitch and DC in the next stitch, ch1. Continue to Puff stitch, ch1, skip one stitch, DC in next stitch across, ch 1 (you're going into every other stitch). Ch 3, turn
Row 4:   (If using 2 colors, switch back to original color now) SC in each stitch across, ch. 1, turn

Repeat Row 4 until the scarf is as wide as you want

For my scarf I decided to go with an offset row of puffs but if you would like your row centered then simply add more rows of SC before you do your row of puff stitches, or you could also do more rows of puff stitches versus just one. There is a lot of freedom to mix up the pattern so have fun with it.
Enjoy :)
Pretty puffs beanie and matching scarf

My completed scarf, I love the super soft fringe

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