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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finding FREE Cute Crochet Patterns...YIKES!

"Free" is not always free when it comes to searching for crochet patterns. I always seem to get reeled into a site by the claim of free patterns then I get there and its only 1 super crappy free pattern, ugh!

When the idea of learning to crochet was first presented to me it was in an article about how to reduce your stress levels, I decided that crochet seemed like a perfect stress busting craft. Since most (nearly 100%) of the stress I had was all revolved around money (and how I have none!!) a cheap hobby would be ideal.
The idea of buying a pattern for $5+ rubs me the wrong way. No disrespect to anyone who spends lots of time designing patterns, I know you work very hard and you should earn some cash for your hard work. If I had the money I would buy your patterns in a quick second!

After going through hundreds (literally)of websites/blogs trying to find the best free patterns I thought to myself...there must be so many other people out there doing this also so I figured I could track my projects and share them. I ONLY make items with free patterns! I would think that after going through Caron, Lion Brand and many other yarn brand websites I could come up with more free patterns than my wishlist of paid ones.....but it's about even so my hunt continues, I have many many awesome patterns that I'm excited to try out and hopefully you will join me along the way :)


  1. You just have to learn russian ;-) Try to search "вязание крючком"

  2. You can try She has super cute stuff and I have also found a few good patterns on You have to search a little on this site but for a cute free pattern who cares.. I have made hats and shawls, summer clothes with patterns from these sites..

    In Florida