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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Baby shampoo isnt just for babies!! Why I love baby shampoo..

Ohh baby shampoo, how I love you so. I'm glad I sparked your interest. Baby shampoo is the only shampoo I use, I love it. Let me explain why..

I don't wash my hair everyday (you're not really supposed to) and when you go 2-3 days without washing your hair it gets a little oily. You have that oily buildup so what do we as women do? Spray dry shampoo on it and add to the gunk on our head. Genius right? So when you finally decide that you are gross and you need to wash your hair you must lather rinse and repeat to get that oil and dry shampoo out of your hair. Well, if you're like me you will notice that it still looks a big gunky. Even after washing twice.

There would be many days that 'first day hair' looked like 'second day hair' which is so frustrating. I'm clean. Why don't I look it?! Yuck!

Well I decided to turn to my good friend Google for advice. I found many salon products meant to get rid of the oils and buildup left in your hair due to hair spray or dry shampoo. I thought, great! I'll just get one of those, easy. Well, those products cost about $30. If you're like me than that is not something I'm willing to do. Maybe if it was $20, but $30, that's a big hell no. So I turned to my friend Google again for advice. I found a few forums of women claiming that baby shampoo provided the same benefits as those expensive build up busting salon shampoos. Voila! I found my answer! So I went down to CVS and picked up a bottle for around $5. Gotta love that price!

Immediately after the first wash I felt a difference in my hair. I had so much volume, I'm guessing because that gunk wasn't holding it down. It was bouncy and I just couldn't help but touch it all day. At first when I started using baby shampoo it was only every other time I washed it. Going between my regular shampoo and the baby one. But it didn't take long before I was just using the baby shampoo every time. About 7 bottles later and I'm still using it!

I recommended it to friends and family. My mom swapped her expensive salon shampoo for it and hasn't looked back. She gets her hair dyed so I warned her that it may not be safe for colored hair. But she and I haven't noticed a difference with it pulling the color out or making it fade.

Also, my mom swears by washing her face with shampoo. Super weird, I know. But she does look really young for her age so I'm not gonna call her crazy. But anyways, I've started doing it too since its no tears shampoo. Might as well.I have really sensitive skin so for me it was like a light bulb went off in my head. If its made for a baby, chances are its gentle enough to use on my face. Sure enough, it doesn't irritate the sensitive skin around my eyes at all!! So if you have a sensitive face, try it out.

If you have a dry scalp or are prone to dandruff im not sure how well this will work for you. You could add a couple drops or tea tree oil to the shampoo and that will moisturize your scalp. The do make a 'moisturizing baby shampoo' I have yet to try it but I'm sure that would be perfect for anyone with a dry scalp but oily hair.

I hope that you give it a try. Its only $5 and is a great shampoo to have around when you end up with too much product or oil in your hair. Even if you don't use it everyday it comes in handy. Say you have a night out and used a ton of hairspray, it will get it out no problem! Gotta love it! Now go try it! :)


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