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Monday, March 26, 2012

Simple Stripes Scarf



On mine Color A is black  B is grey  C is white
This is a super simple scarf that I made for my Mom. She wanted me to use black, grey and white. I knew I didn't want to use equal rows, I wanted more of an abstract look to the lines. Some skinny, some thick all mixed up. I tried to find a pattern like that and I did find some but that were similar to what I was looking for but not what I wanted. I typically do when I can't find a pattern... I made my own.

For this scarf you mix rows of sc and hdc. You can use this "formula" (if you want to call it that) to mix any number of colors. I used 3 for the scarf, so for these instructions I will use 3. Basically what you do is in every "set" one color will be sc and the others colors will be hdc. Rotate which color is worked in sc in each set. Work until each color has a row of sc.You can use just 3 colors or however many you would like. If you are using 6 or more different colors work 2 colors in sc in each set instead of just 1.

Here's the Ravelry page for this scarf - Add it to your library!

I used a J hook, but you can use any size hook depending on how tight and snug you want your scarf.

Color A
Color B
Color C

Chain desired length for scarf in Color A    (mine was about 80 inches long) After making the chain with Color A start your first row with Color A as seen below in the "formula"

First set:
C - SC

Second set:
B - SC  

Third set:
A - SC

Repeat the sets until desired width is achieved.
After all sets are completed work a row of hdc with Color A, ch 1. Turn.
Work a row of sc (still with Color A)
Tie off. The extra row is to help it look more even with the foundation row size wise. If you want to skip that step you can.

I suggest adding fringe, I think it makes it look nice. Plus then you don't have to weave in the ends! Add the fringe in the appropriate spots to match the colors. I your unsure how to properly add fringe there are plenty of tutorials out there to help.

If you need any help just let me know :)



  1. Love this! I'm very much a beginner, not so good at estimating the amount of yarn. If using 3 colors, how much of each color did you use? I would like to buy the optimal amount of yarn for the project.


  2. Hey, this is really nice. The different stitches give a nice texture to the scarf.