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Friday, March 16, 2012

Basketweave Stitch Infinity Scarf

This is a very simple and very cozy scarf. The basketweave stitch comes out pretty thick so this scarf is perfect for a chilly winter day. If you are not familiar with basketweave stitch don't be intimidated, it is sets of front and back post stitches done in a way that makes it look "weaved" (like a basket). There are many tutorials on Youtube of how to do the basketweave stitch but this is the one I used and I found it very easy to follow.

For mine I did 5 sets of  4 posts (post=fpdc or bpdc), each set is about 1 inch wide. To make the scarf pick how many "sets of posts" you want (width) and work it up until you have your desired length. Stitch the ends together with a needle and voila! You have a nice thick scarf!

I made mine in black so in the pictures it's a little difficult to see how cool the weave looks. I used Caron Simply Soft which is my favorite brand for scarves since it's super soft.

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