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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Perfect Little Purse

My yellow "wristlet" one, you can also tuck in the strap if you don't want to use it.

This pattern is the "Perfect Purse" offered by Lion Brand Yarn. It is the perfect little size so it could be used as a clutch purse, makeup bag or even use it like I did as a place to keep my hooks. You can make different sizes by switching the length of the chain, you can ch. 28 instead of 38 to get a smaller clutch.

The picture on their website
My smaller purple one

Free Pattern

To get the pattern you must sign up for Lion Brand Yarn's website. Which is very simple and free, you will want to do this because than you can surf their site and they have some really awesome patterns for free on there.

I suggest sewing in a liner if your going to be keeping small items in there, you can also add a strap if you would like. To add a strap like the one I did (in the picture above) I attached some yarn to the top left side and made a tight chain long enough to slip on my wrist and slip stitched it into the stitch where the chain started from. The ravelry page for this item has some great picture to give you some ideas.
Ravelry Page

Here's one I made for a friend of mine
If you need any help with how to sew a liner into a purse there are many great Youtube videos and tutorials. For a purse this size you can use an old t-shirt if you don't have any extra fabric. I found that bandanas work great!


 I'm working on a matching bolero shrug (in yellow) so I can pair them with a sundress... I think it will be a perfect effortless summer outfit :) I can't wait for the sunshine, this rain has me daydreaming about summer outfits.

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